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An emergency broadcast to other member photographers to seek assistance from tether photographers to second shoot, assist or ar physically step in and shoot the full wedding.

Imagine you’re on your way to a wedding 

You find yourself, unable to attend, for whatever reason.. car breaks down, a flat tire, lines or a family emergency and you just can't make it in time... what do you do? 

You must have been asked by just about every couple “What do you do if you can't make it to my wedding?” 

It's reassuring for them to hear that you are indeed in a club, a group of photographers who are willing able, and capable of covering your services should the unexpected happen.

If you're like most other photographers you might put something up on Facebook and hope someone sees it and can actually help in time to rescue you.. with the SOS club you simply raise an alert and choose to post it national or local to the wedding location and every subscribed SOS member in that criteria will receive the Emergency notification message and or email, meaning your cry for help is seen instantly..

The SOS club really can save the day!!  joining is free as part of the WOWWED PRO membership and you can join or leave as you wish...  you simply post your emergency, its location, and of course the fee you’re willing to pay and broadcast the SOS to other members, you will, in turn, receive messages and possibly phone calls, depending on your preferences.. 

Posting an SOS is simple, you simply create an SOS from your SOS drop down in the menu bar ( only visible to pro members) complete the short form, and choose a radius of the area you want your SOS to cover : 

Sending to local Local - sent out to photographers who are in the area of the wedding location and have opted to receive local  SOS callouts only


  • Sending to national National - Sent out to every photographer opted into receive national callouts, depending on country posted.
  • International - Sent out to every photographer who has opted into International callouts sent 
  • Photographers can respond to the SOS expressing interest - their details are automatically presented on expressing interest, the poster can assign the SOS to any member who has responded and offered assistance.


The SOS club is an opt-in service and the agreements of any service assistance is made between parties., WOWWED accepts no responsibility for the correspondence or failure of delivery of any photographer and is merely a service of correspondence. 

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